Why Choose a Stock Plan for your Net-Zero, Passive House?

Posted by PDS Team on May 12, 2020 10:50:42 AM

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At PDS, we believe that Passive Houses are for everyone. Over the past ten years, we’ve worked hard to build on key lessons in design and construction to make this possible. We work with many clients on custom house designs, and we have developed a portfolio of Passive House Stock Plans. These predesigned home plans are suited to a variety of sites and functional needs that are designed and tested for energy performance. Choosing a stock plan for the construction of your new home has many benefits – here are just a few:

  1. Anyone can build it.

Each of our stock plan packages consists of a set of construction plans that are complete with all the details for your builder. Many home builders haven’t yet built Passive Homes, but our experience has proven that any builder who is interested in learning how to build Passive can do it. Our drawings are clear, comprehensive, and detailed, taking into consideration conventional building materials and techniques. If you can build a house, you can build a Passive House!

  1. Energy performance is inherent to all our plans.

A key ingredient to a successful Passive design is the use of energy modelling technology in its development. Energy modelling uses analytical software to provide feedback on performance throughout the design process. From higher level design decisions like building shape, and orientation, to details like window size, and insulation type, energy modelling is an essential tool that delivers results. Each of our stock plans is rigorously tested so you can rest assured your home will have the energy smarts built in.


  1. Stock plans are affordable.

There’s no question that choosing a stock plan is the most economical approach to a new passive home build. Not only do you save on design fees, but each stock plan is carefully designed with affordability and efficiency in mind. Plus, as many of our stock plans have been built multiple times, there is a higher degree of construction cost certainty, making it easier for you to budget and plan.

  1. Stock plans are timesaving.

For anyone looking to fast-track a project, we recommend looking to ready-made stock plans. The plans are ready to go – all you have to do is find a builder and apply for a building permit. Also, a typical stock plan has straightforward details and use readily available materials, reducing the likelihood of increased costs and construction delays.


  1. You can make it your own.

Our stock plans are meant to be available to anyone and each is be customized when purchased to fit a homeowner’s site, lifestyle, and style. All the energy performance is taken care of in the design and drawings, leaving you are free to choose your own siding, roofing, millwork and finishes. No two homes are alike, and we love to see our stock plans come to life as each homeowner adds their own personal touch.


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